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  Remembering the past.  Preparing for the future.  
Serving Aboriginal people, communities and enterprises in Manitoba since 1978.

Upcoming Important Dates


Our office will be closed on the following dates:


Thursday December 25 2014
Christmas Day


Friday December 26, 2014
Boxing Day


Thursday, January 1, 2015
New Year's Day






Christmas Loan Special!!


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Happy Holidays from Me-Dian Credit Union





It has come to our attention that there has been a high incident of member cards being damaged by White Label ATM’s. (White label ATM’s are machines not owned by credit unions or banks)  Once your card has been damaged you will not be able to use your card and will require a replacement.  To avoid this issue at this time, we recommend using a credit union or bank machine to avoid the possibility of your card being damaged. We are currently investigating solutions to this issue and once it has been resolved we will post an advisory.

Thank You For Your Patience!

To avoid the additional fees charged by the banks, you are able to use any credit union ATM at no additional fee.  To find a location near you download the Ding Fee App.



The ding free ATM locator app has been developed for a variety of smart phones, including Apple iOS, Blackberry, Google Android and Windows Phones.




Welcome to Me-Dian Credit Union

Me-Dian Credit Union is a modern, full-service financial co-operative. As a co-operative, the people who use our services-our members are also owners and shareholders. Members have a say in how Me-Dian Credit Union operates. They also share in the profits of the credit union, usually in the form of lower rates on loans and higher rates on deposits than they could ordinarily get at other financial institutions. Me-Dian is responsive to the needs of members, no matter where they live or how they choose to access our services.





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